Ryan Tomko


Ryan Tomko is a travel and lifestyle photographer based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. From the neon green Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle camera he received for his sixth birthday, to countless Nikon models and now finally to his trusty little Fuji, Ryan is never without a camera. Ryan is passionate about travelling the world, and experiencing life to its fullest through interactions with the people he meets. Music is very close to his heart, and he will drop almost anything for the opportunity to shoot one of his favourite bands.

Latest Posts

Strangers in Gastown

A quick work trip to Vancouver, BC – and this time I was prepared, not only with my trusty camera, but also with the lessons learned from my (failed) Waikiki Beach session… I set aside a full evening to properly camp out for this ‘Strangers’ shoot.  I even took the […]

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We Have To Go Back!

At only three months old, we figured our little Henry was ready to take his very first airplane ride. That first airplane ride was actually the first of 5 we would take on this awesome adventure, to the islands of Oahu and Maui in Hawaii.  This trip came about because […]

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Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016

Always one of the most fun weekends of the year, the 2016 Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo didn’t disappoint! Another year armed with my trusty press pass, this time for an experimental new website that I co-created with a friend (that has since faded into obscurity).  There’s always so much […]

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Strangers In Honolulu

A last minute attempt at fitting in a ‘Strangers’ shoot on Oahu, meant leaving my baby with Cece and my parents for an hour, and running over to Waikiki Beach on the night before we flew out. I knew I wanted to try one of these sessions while we were […]

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Summer in the Desert

The summer of 2016, we spent exploring some dry, dusty deserts. Some locations were very familiar, and some were new (to us), but both brought lots of excitement and left us with wonderful memories. First up was a quick weekend in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  We looked up one of […]

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Welcome to the World, Little Henry Clark

On April 17, 2017, at precisely 10:18 pm, my world was forever changed when my lovely wife Cecilia gave birth to our first son, Henry Clark Tomko.

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The EFCL Centennial Project

The Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL), which represents 157 community leagues in Edmonton, will be 100 years old in 2021.  To celebrate this amazing milestone, the EFCL has committed to completing a major renovation to one of the cities’ central parks including the addition of a brand new, all-season […]

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A Trip through Turkey

The list of countries on my ‘must travel to’ list got one shorter in the summer of 2015, when I was finally able to explore the magical transcontinental country of Turkey.

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Strangers in Washington D.C.

A quick trip away to the Capitol for the July 4th weekend (and the 20th anniversary Foo Fighters show) was amazing, full of site seeing and museum exploring. On our last day, I left Cece at a coffee shop and set my clock for 1 hour to try and fit […]

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Summertime in the Capitol

In what was perhaps my hastiest decision making moment in recent memory, my wife & I went from watching the final episode of the HBO series “Sonic Highways” to searching the internet for remaining tickets to the Foo Fighters’ 20th Anniversary Celebration in Washington, DC, to booking our flight, hotel and the […]

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