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Being a parent is hard work!  We are very fortunate that we have two sets of parents that live close by, who offered to long-term babysit our little peanut for a few days so Cecilia and I could go on a little adventure on our own.

We looked at a lot of different options for our little Anniversary getaway, but settled on heading back to New York City – there’s just something about that place that feels right.  Whether it’s the unlimited touristy sites to see, the ever-changing list of best restaurants, or just the fun of wandering until you get lost, we never seem to get everything done that we wanted to!

Since we had visited NYC just a few years ago (in 2014), we tried to see as many ‘new to us’ things as possible, starting with a walk on the High Line (finally!)  Cecilia had never visited the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, so we checked those out as well.  Unfortunately someone painted over my ‘graffiti’ on Liberty Island, recording all of my visits…

A trip to the new Freedom Tower, a visit through the MoMa, purposefully getting lost (a few times) in the Lower East Side, and a long subway ride out to Coney Island to grab a hotdog from the original Nathan’s Famous – we fit in as much as possible into this quick getaway!  I’m not sure we got much relaxing done away from Henry, but it was a trip we certainly won’t forget, and will always appreciate.

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