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The music industry has dubbed them the “Greatest Live Band in the World”, and  I was fortunate enough to shoot MUSE on their most recent visit to Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta.

My lucky streak continues with the local modern rock radio station!  After winning a handful of concert tickets and a pretty awesome trip for two to the Mayan Riviera, I never would have expected that I could also score this once-in-a-lifetime prize by being caller 102…but I did!  Not only did we get to meet with the band before the show, but I also got a press pass to shoot the first four songs of their set from the pit.  Such a cool experience, and a great learning opportunity, however I immediately regretted not bringing a 70-200mm lens with me as they started their show with ‘The 2nd Law: Unsustainable.”  But I shot away anyways, hoping that I could still score a few useable shots.  Next up was ‘Supremacy’ followed by ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ which gave me the opportunity to test out my brand new wideangle 11-16mm lens.  Finally, the perfect lens for the situation – I was able to get the entire massive glowing pyramid floating above the stage into my shot!  Before I knew it, they were already starting their fourth song ‘Panic Station’.  A few more snaps of the shutter, and we were ushered away to our seats to enjoy the rest of the show.  I’m very thankful for this awesome opportunity…and hopeful that it won’t be my last time in the pit!

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