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For my fourth time out for this project, I wanted to find a really cool backdrop for my photos. I walked around SoHo for about 20 minutes, analyzing and debating over the best street until finally, after seeing about 30 really cool people walk past, just stopped on the corner of Broadway and Grand and started shooting. This wasn’t the ‘prefect’ spot, but maybe with it’s non-stop stream of pedestrian traffic it was the perfect spot to represent this area of the city?

New Yorkers are a bit more suspicious of a strange man with a camera than the fine folks of Iceland! I got a lot of no’s, but I also got a lot of emphatic yes’s! The people that did stop seemed to love the idea, and asked me to send them a copy of their portraits more often than not.

And of course this being New York City, and specifically SoHo, there was a lot of character and colour to choose from! I ended up with well over 50 portraits in just over an hour, and have curated my collection of favourites down to this set.  To see the rest of the best, please see the full album at .

I cannot wait to return to New York, and to set up my stranger portrait session again, this time in a new neighbourhood!

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