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This last summer, I finally took the plunge and got married!  We spent a month touring Italy from North to South on our Honeymoon – these are some of my favourite shots from our trip.  Enjoy!

We started our trip in the town of Cernobbio, which is on the Western edge of Lake Como.  I had never visited the lake district before and was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it all was.  No wonder George Clooney has a place here!  From there we moved over to Venice.  What can I say about this magical place that hasn’t already been said a million times before?  I swear, I could visit this city a million times over before tiring of it.  Venice gave way to a quick stop in Verona, then a train trip over to Riomaggiore in the Cinque Terre region.  I had visited this town before, but never in the middle of the summer – somehow it’s even more beautiful than I remembered it.  Swimming, suntanning and a bit of hiking the hillside terraces…this place is one of Italy’s best for a reason!  Next up on our tour was Florence, and the surrounding towns of Tuscany.  We climbed seemingly ever tall tower we could find in Florence, and in between made sure to test out every gelato shop to build up our energy for the next climb!  A day trip out to San Gimignano, Siena, Chianti and Pisa were also on the books while we were in Tuscany, and we were amazed again at how easily we could fill up our days with wonderful sights.  A return trip to a beach after all this sightseeing was definitely needed, so we headed to the Amalfi Coast in the South.  Maybe our favourite spot of the trip, even though (or maybe because) we didn’t do much more than sit by our private salt water pool and relax.  A quick trip out to Pompeii was added to the end of our week on the way to our final stop – Rome.  Again, we saw and did so much in Rome…it was a real whirlwind trip!  Even though we didn’t see everything there was to see, we thoroughly enjoyed our trip and would love to return one day!  …Would our first anniversary be too soon?

This post is home to my favourite shots from our trip.  To see more of the hundreds of photos I took, please check out my Flickr page at


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