I’m very excited for the snow to melt so I can get out there and test out some new photography toys I’ve picked up over the last little while!

I received one of the very cool A.R. Drones for Christmas, and I am getting pretty excited at the thought of flying it around the Edmonton River Valley to see what sort of footage I can grab.  You have the ability to control the drone’s flight with your smart phone or tablet via WIFI, which should make this thing part photo tool and part toy!

I was also lucky enough to find one of the new Go Pro Hero 3 adventure cameras in stock, and picked one up to play around with as well.  Some of the test footage I’ve seen from these tiny cameras is pretty impressive – the time lapse videos are super smooth, while the slow motion stuff is just beautiful.  And since it’s a super wide angle, it should make for a great still photo camera as well.  This camera also has the ability to be controlled via a smart phone or tablet…so convenient!  Did I mention it comes with a waterproof case as well?

I don’t really have any distinct photo or video plans with these two new pieces of equipment, but I can’t wait to put them to the test and see what they can do!  I basically now have the ability to photograph both from a bird’s eye AND a fish’s eye view!  😉



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