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When it came time to book a trip for this year’s Spring Break, our minds drifted typically to beaches and sand…someplace tropical to escape the brutal Canadian winter. But when two of our close friends came over one night for dinner and told us how they were thinking about testing out the new direct flight to Iceland, we were intrigued…

Why not, Iceland? It’s relatively close, and, with the new direct flights from the Edmonton International Airport at super low prices to help bolster the new route, it wasn’t long before we were booking our flights as well!

Landing in Reykjavik I’m not sure any of us quite knew what to expect. Sure, we had done a bit of research online to figure out what we wanted to see and experience during our stay, but actually being there…breathing in that crisp, Nordic air…that was a whole new experience for all of us.

The friendliest people and the most beautiful landscapes – things we ran into at every step along the way of our adventure. We rented a car and drove as long and as far as we could every day, and we *still* only scratched the surface of what this Magical country has to discover!

Whether it was touring a centuries old cemetery or the wonderful modern architecture of Reykjavik, eating BBQ Minke Whale, lobster soup or the best hotdogs I’ve ever had; whether it was watching the waves violently crash upon the beautiful black sand beaches of the South coast or hiking up, around or behind one of the many gorgeous waterfalls, whether it was driving for miles through ever-changing landscapes, one more beautiful than the next or listening to the silence of a glacial lagoon broken only by the splashes of baby seals learning to hunt…there wasn’t a second of this vacation that any of us wished we had booked that standard ‘all-inclusive Mexican trip’ instead. We will definitely return to this Magical place…

This post is home to my favourite shots from our trip.  To see more of the hundreds of photos I took, please check out my Flickr page at


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