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Easter Island.  Rapa Nui.  Isla de Pascua.  The Navel of the World.

Why does such a tiny little speck of an island have so many different names?

From the moment we dropped out of the clouds and spotted the tiny speck of an island in the middle of the dark, blue Pacific, we were hypnotized by the rugged beauty and mysterious ambiance of this extremely isolated jewel.  I never really expected I would get a chance to visit this place, however after doing some fancy online booking I was able to snag two seats on a reasonably cheap (given the destination) flight.

We certainly kept our days on the island filled with activities; from hiking along the rim of the extinct Rano Kau volcano, tracking down the history of the Birdman cult and weaving amongst the half-excavated moai of Rano Raraku, we didn’t waste a minute!

Of course our trip was made even more special by the surprise I sprung on Cecilia as we watched the sunset from our picnic spot at the feet of the Tahai moai…

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