Well I finally did it – I stepped out from beneath my Nikon-branded shroud and bought myself a camera made by a different company!  I decided I needed something a bit more portable…something that I could swing over my shoulder when I go out on quick little trips, that could even potentially replace my bulky DSLR on important shoots and on vacations.  There are a lot of great little cameras on the market these days, but I settled upon the Fuji XE-2 model.  It suited my needs perfectly!  Small, light, yet durable.  This camera has interchangeable lenses and takes a mean photo.  AND it comes in a cool retro silver and black finish!  (I’ve even heard that most photographers are leaving this in .jpg mode instead of RAW, because the quality is just there – straight from the camera.  I haven’t done this yet, but I just might…)

So far I’ve picked up both a general use 18-55mm and a portrait special 35mm 1.4 lens, and am ready to add to my arsenal.  There was a bit of a learning curve switching over, but I can honestly say it only took a good day of shooting before I became comfortable with this system!  So much so that on a recent trip to Iceland (photos coming soon) I relied on this camera almost exclusively!

I have already decided that my best big trip will see me leaving my Nikon system at home.  RIP DSLR… I may see you again at my next concert or when I need an ultra zoom, but that’s probably it!

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