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My second attempt at my ‘Stranger In’ series. This time, I had a free hour walking around downtown Pittsburgh, PA.

I booked a last minute mini vacation to meet up with a few friends in Pittsburgh to watch a hockey game!  The city is much more beautiful than I expected, and I ended up taking a few cool photos.  I’d love to come back one day and stay a little longer…there’s lots to see and do here! If you would like to see these photos, please check out my website at

This post, however, is dedicated to my ‘Stranger In’ series.  This time, I decided to set up shop in one spot downtown with a simple background where I’d just wait for interesting people to pass me by.

The people of Pittsburgh seemed a bit more suspicious of a random man standing on the sidewalk, asking for portraits. I think my ratio of YES:NO was closer to 50% this time around. Still, I think I managed to capture some very interesting faces.  Enjoy!

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