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After years of trying to talk her into it, I finally convinced Cecilia to give New York another chance!

The last (and only) time Cece had visited the city, she unfortunately had a trip from hell. She missed out on all the museums, she was robbed on the subway, her credit card number was stolen at her hotel and her suitcase was ripped open & all her souvenirs were stolen when she left JFK!

This time though, I told her that we could do whatever she wanted – I was determined to show her why I love this place so much.

We started with a great walk through Central Park, where we stumbled upon the Alice in Wonderland statue – something I had never seen before. From there we headed straight to the Met, where we spent an entire day (with one hot dog break) exploring the unending works of art.  After a quick trip to the rooftop exhibit, we walked back down to the Burger Joint for dinner. The next day was for exploring; we started at the Strand bookstore and made our way through Washington Square Park before heading back to Koreatown for some solid BBQ.

Shopping in SoHo, visiting the Ghostbusters Firehall, and some of Joe’s Shanghai soup dumplings were on the docket for the next day, followed by breakfast at Tom’s, fighting the crowds in Times Square and popping into Grand Central Station on the next.  We shared a great breakfast with some friends in DUMBO before walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to Lower Manhattan, where we would get some awesome views of the new Frank Gehry building as well as 1 World Trade Center.

Of course we checked out the views from the Top of the Rock, had a hilarious dinner with some other friends at Ninja Sushi, and toured the Natural History museum before watching the Yankees clobber the Tigers at Yankee Stadium.

And the best part of the whole trip? That Cecilia had a great time and even said, ‘I guess New York isn’t so bad after all’. My work here is done! 🙂

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