I am currently in the market for a new, compact camera to take with me travelling.  Something small and lightweight, but that can still pack a punch as far as quality images go.  I have never strayed away from my beloved Nikon, so this is a big move for me.  Sure, the Coolpix A looks pretty powerful, but I think it’s time I test out something new.  I have been contemplating the Fuji x100s mostly due to its awesome retro looks, however being locked in to a fixed lens is a little daunting.  I’m also thinking maybe Sony’s new A7r which sports a full-frame sensor is the way to go.  I’ve never had the luxury of a full-frame camera, and packed into something this compact could really make for a cool weapon!  Then just the other day, Fuji announced its new XE-2; promising to be one of the fastest auto focus cameras on the market, with interchangeable lenses and still looking retro and snazzy….hrmm, this is gonna be tough!

Anyone out there have any opinions or thoughts?  I need all the help I can get!

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